Jack E. Bobo Award of Excellence

NAIFA recognizes local associations and their leaders who excel in all facets of association management. Those associations are honored each year with the Jack E. Bobo Award of Excellence. It replaces the six separate association awards given in past years.

The award is based on the critical components identified as crucial to strengthening NAIFA and increasing membership. It has been named in honor of Jack E. Bobo, CLU, FLMI, who served with distinction as NAIFA’s president and as executive vice president. Additionally, Bobo is a recipient of the prestigious John Newton Russell Award.

Scott D. Jackson NAIFA-PA VIP (Very Important Pennsylvanian) Award

The Scott D. Jackson NAIFA-Pennsylvania VIP (Very Important Pennsylvanian) Award is presented at the NAIFA-PA Annual Convention each spring. All local associations are urged to consider nominating a candidate for this award.

The VIP Award is specifically designed to honor those unsung heroes who work out of the spotlight. These are the people who help make the local association, NAIFA-PA and indeed NAIFA an important voice for our industry and help us portray a positive image in the community. The VIP Award is for people who are dedicated to their local association and whose participation made that association better as a result of his or her efforts.

Some of the guidelines include:

Membership in the local association. The candidate has served the local association for at least three years. Service should include working on key committees as a member or chairman, promoting the image of life underwriters to the general community, teaching LUTC, being a member of NAIFA’s President’s Club, etc. Specific contributions to the life insurance/financial services profession as well as other civic endeavors.

All nominations should be forwarded to the Awards Committee.


NAIFA-PA Humanitarian Award

Each year, NAIFA-PA presents the Humanitarian Award to somebody who is helping others in the community. The award is presented at the NAIFA-PA Annual Convention in May.

Who can nominate?
Any association may submit a typed letter, usually from the president, describing why the nominee is deserving of the award. The letter should be direct and specific. Documentation is necessary.

Who is eligible?
Any person who is helping others in the community, or possibly saved a life or was instrumental in helping to save a life. Examples include helping others such as senior citizens, children, youth groups, the disadvantaged, or protecting the environment.

Who is not eligible?
All elected and appointed officials – senators, congressmen, state senators and representatives, mayors, judges and other well-known individuals who already have received public acclaim.

Judging The President of NAIFA-PA and the Awards Committee will make the final decision.

Award A dignified award will be presented at the NAIFA-PA Annual Convention in May. NAIFA-PA will pay for a night’s lodging if necessary and, if budget permits, a monetary gift will be paid to the winner’s designated charity.

The award presentation will be publicized in the recipient’s local newspaper and will be forwarded to NAIFA for its use.

NAIFA Quality Award

NAIFA’s Quality Award program recognizes those advisors who meet and exceed NAIFA’s standards for quality, dedication and sales achievement.