NAIFA – The Value of Membership

The following testimonials are excerpts from numerous personal conversations with NAIFA – Pennsylvania leaders.

“It is clear to see what Membership in NAIFA has meant to these veteran producers and association leaders. As Brian Worrell said in his Keynotes article, Our Members Love to Share Their Knowledge with Others, if you are a member, you know this.”
Scott A. Hoover, CLU
NAIFA – Pennsylvania 2009-2012 Treasurer

“…you can’t measure the rewards from your involvement and membership in NAIFA. You benefit in so many ways. The benefit of being involved is immeasurable.” “…why would you not want to network and make more money?”

“…it’s the people and the relationships. That’s why I stay involved. Some of my best friends in the world (even outside of NAIFA) I have met through NAIFA.” “…personally and professionally my whole career has been built on my relationships and friendships that have come from my affiliation and membership in NAIFA.”

“…the foundation of my practice would have been completely different without membership in NAIFA.” “…it has been the strategic alliances that I have formed with fellow NAIFA members that have helped me in my business.”

“…I continue to meet GREAT ADVISORS throughout the state!” “….the educational opportunities are endless thanks to NAIFA. There is a lifetime learning curve in this business; knowledge is power. Membership in NAIFA, can also give you the confidence to reach the next level.”
Jeff Fleming, JD, CFP, CLU, ChFC, AEP, LUTCF
NAIFA-Pennsylvania President 2006-2007

“I belong for three reasons”:
1. Fellowship
2. Education
3. Professionalism

“…some of my closest, life-long friends were borne from my membership in NAIFA.”

“…being a member of NAIFA has enabled me to fulfill my thirst for knowledge that I could not have obtained anywhere else. We cut our teeth professionally by being exposed to, hearing from, and learning from the older more experienced producers that were members long before me.”

“…I am actively involved and in leadership not to make my mark so to speak, but to validate the wisdom of those before me, and to keep the path clear for others that somebody already cut before me.”
Albert E. Heiles, CLU, ChFC
NAIFA-Pennsylvania President 2007-2008

“…I believe strongly in the industry and that you must/should be a member of your professional association (in spite of all the reasons they give you at the local, state and national level). YOU SHOULD BELONG TO YOUR PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION!”

“…I have a passion for the business and I see it as an obligation to myself, and an obligation to my clients to belong to NAIFA.”

“…I belong because somebody in NAIFA believed in me and in my belonging to NAIFA…and got me pointed in the right direction. I realize now what Washington does for us and what that means.”

“…I didn’t realize what this (advocacy) meant and the impact it has on our business until I became actively involved in the chairs, association leadership etc. I didn’t realize how strong the relationships are, how personal they are, with those that support us and fight our battles on our behalf in Washington.”
Randall Kauffman
NAIFA, Pennsylvania President, 2008-2009

“…the friendships I have developed are what have kept me active and still involved as a member of NAIFA. This is hard to get across to newer, younger members and advisors.”
William P. Krause, CLU, ChFC
NAIFA – Pennsylvania President 2009-2010

“…my second week in the business my manager took me to a local meeting and I was so impressed with the speaker. I was also taken back by the fact that lots of people from the same business, competitors no less, were sharing ideas and would be willing to so to speak.”

“…I think what keeps me involved and a member is the people; hearing the ideas, talking and learning. It’s the whole synergy of it. It’s not just business, but learning, and growing and learning personally too!”

“…you will find that the time you invest is a sacrifice, but you get so much more by doing so.”
Robert A. DiCola, CLU, ChFC
NAIFA – Pennsylvania President 2001-2002

“…Our Members Love to Share Their Knowledge with Others.”

“…NAIFA Pennsylvania is an amazing network of people. This network of knowledgeable, helpful and caring people is one of the big benefits of membership.”
Brian E. Worrell, LUTCF, CSA
NAIFA – Pennsylvania President, 2005-2006

“…early in my career I joined NAIFA because I didn’t know any better (my manager told me I had to join.); mid career I believe I maintained my membership because I felt strongly that my survival depended on it.”

“…Now, I am proud to say that I belong to NAIFA to maintain the momentum of my personal and professional growth and development.”

“…The intellectual capital of our members is astounding!”

“…even with almost 30 years in the business, I am still a member of NAIFA because I simply don’t know everything. I belong to NAIFA because of the opportunity to avail myself to the tremendous exchange of ideas at local meetings, state meetings, national conventions, and best of all, one-on-one brainstorming sessions on challenging cases.”
Scott A. Hoover, CLU
NAIFA – Pennsylvania, Board of Directors 2006-2007
NAIFA – Reading, Past President 2004-2005, 1992-1993