Programs in a Box

NAIFA provides a series of “Programs in a Box” to allow local associations to offer quality Continuing Education courses to their members. Following is a list of current “Programs in a Box” available in Pennsylvania:

  • Recruiting and Retaining the Ideal Sales Assistant (1 CE credit) Course # 102787Author: Liza Perdomo, manager of field technology utilization, Prudential Financial. “Recruiting and Retaining the Ideal Sales Assistant” will provide you with effective techniques for recruiting and mentoring the person who will help your practice soar! Produced in conjunction with GAMA.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: The Niche in the Executive Marketplace (1 CE credit) Course # 103180 Author: Deb Newman, CLU, ChFC, chief executive officer/president, Newman Financial Services LLC. On the topic of long term care insurance, this is a comprehensive program designed to address the need to approach the executive marketplace. Produced in conjunction with AHIA.
  • Understanding Opportunities for Financial Advising in the Multiline Environment (2 CE credits) Course # 103829Author: Robin Mueller, LUTCF. Learn how a multiline agent uses life and financial services products to maximize agency revenue, account penetration and account retention.
  • Business Insurance for Pass-Through Entities (2 CE credits) Course # 104405 Author: Terri Gelman, CLU, ChFC, JD, vice president of marketing, and Marie Boric, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CPA, director of advanced marketing at Prudential Financial. Learn how to establish buy-sell arrangements to preserve the control and value of a business at the death, disability or retirement of an owner. Life insurance on the owners is often used to provide tax-free money to fund these arrangements; it can provide immediate liquidity for pennies on the dollar.
  • Use Estate Planning to Improve Your Bottom Line (1 CE credit) Course # 106066 Author: David A. Straus, JD, LL.M., CPA. Estate planning can do two things for financial advisors – provide a tremendous service to clients while improving their own bottom lines. This topic will instruct members how to use estate planning in the financial advisor practice, and will provide sales ideas which can be implemented immediately.
  • Improve Your Bottom Line with LIFE’s Products (not for CE credit)Produced by NAIFA and LIFE, this unique program will provide NAIFA members with information about LIFE’s consumer education tools and how to incorporate them effectively into sales and marketing efforts. The program discusses a full range of LIFE’s print, video and online resources, and offers real-world ideas on using them to build and strengthen client relationships.
  • Asset Allocation – Putting Your Client’s Eggs in the Right Baskets (1 CE credit) Course # 106709 Author: Paul Reavis, RFC, CLTC, LUTCF, OneAmerica Securities, Professional Planning Association. Members will learn how to explain asset allocation principles and concepts to clients. Other topics covered include risk and reward, asset classes, modern portfolio theory and interpreting the risk tolerance questionnaire. Emphasis will be placed on mutual fund, variable annuity and variable life investment portfolio construction.
  • Successful Life Insurance Selling in a Multiline Agency (1 CE credit) Course # 107277 Author: Matt Tobben, president of Matt Tobben Insurance Agency, Washington, MO. The key to a successful multiline agency is building staff and client relationships. This program will show you how to: develop and challenge a supportive staff (your team), schedule regular meetings with your clients, really get to know your clients (their goals, dreams – and needs), become a valued resource for your clients and manage your time more effectively.
  • Maximizing Health Savings Accounts Opportunities (1 CE credit) Course # 107504 Author: Dick Harlow, CLU, CSA, CBC, immediate past president of AHIA, senior partner of Harlow Group LLC. Health Savings Accounts are one of the most innovative new developments in health insurance today. This timely topic will explain HSAs, how they address rising healthcare costs and their greater flexibility over MSAs. Content covered includes: family coverage, qualified High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), HSA contributions, multiple HDHPs, distributions from an HSA, death of an account holder, employer contributions and discrimination rules, what are qualified expenses and designing an HSA.
  • Values & Ethics: Being Compliant and Profitable (1 CE Credit) Course # 107787 Presenters: David Woods, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, NAIFA chief executive officer, and Brian Atchinson, Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) executive director. In business, issues are not so clear-cut; business ethics mean different things to different individuals. This program will discuss what ethics are and why practice ethics; how ethical behavior benefits consumers, agents and companies; and putting ethics in practice by creating your own code of ethics.
  • Protecting Your Client’s Business (1 CE Credit) Course # 113910A roundtable discussion featuring four business insurance specialists: Jim Clary, president and chief executive officer of Mullin Consulting; Charles Epstein, CLU, ChFC, principal and owner of Epstein Financial Services and Benefits Consulting Group; Rae Lee Olson, principal with The Vita Companies, and Bob Plybon, ChFC, chief executive officer of Plybon & Associates. The program covers critical business planning issues including key person insurance, buy-sell agreements, health insurance, disability insurance and retirement plans.
  • Survive and Thrive in Your First Three Years (not for CE credit) Author: Jarred Elmar. This program focuses on knowing what you are selling and how to sell it, prospecting in your network, working with colleagues and others in different industries, how to set and prepare for appointments, and how to stay in touch.
  • Marketing Consumer-Driven Health Plans (1 CE Credit) Course # 109555 Author: Lawrence E. Lounds, CLU, ChFC. This program focuses on plan design considerations when recommending consumer-driven health plans. This session will detail a description and comparison of various plans: HSAs, HRAs and FSAs combined with High Deductible Health Plans, HDHPs.
  • NASD Requirements for Variable Annuities (3 CE Credits) Course #110600Produced by the Society of Financial Service Professionals. This course provides an overview of the variable annuity market, the regulator’s perspective on variable annuities, how to protect the team while supporting the sale and views from the field and trenches while posing the question: are variable annuities suitable or not?
  • Back to Basics: Quantifying the Life Insurance Need (2 CE Credits) Course # 110601 Produced by the Society of Financial Service Professionals. This course discusses the need for life insurance through calculation models, inflation and life planning. Topics also include a study of financial impact of premature death and focuses on the adequacy of life insurance coverage in U.S. households as well as the top 10 most common life insurance mistakes and how to avoid them.

Insurance Regulatory Reform – No CE Credit

Six prominent industry representatives will discuss one of the most important topics facing NAIFA members today – Insurancr Regulatory Reform (IRR) – and how IRR will determine the future regulatory structure of our industry and will impact how each and every NAIFA member will be positioned to service their many policyholders.

17. Dealing with Ethical Issues in Financial Services (1 CE Credit) Course # 113216
Co-presented by Ronald Duska Ph.D. and Julie Ragatz, MA and produced in conjunction with The American College’s Center for Ethics in Financial Services. Participants are presented with ten
situations they encounter in their day to day activities as financial services professionals and are
asked to assess their reaction to the situations. The situations will be addressed by Duska and Ragatz,
whose analysis will provoke reaction from participants in a brief interactive discussion which will
follow each scenario.
18. Top Ten Retirement Planning Mistakes (1 CE Credit) Course # 113627
Presented by April K. Caudill, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP. As the nation’s 77 million baby boomers move
toward retirement, they will seek advisors who can help them navigate the requirements for IRA and
qualified plan distributions. Yet the rules governing IRA and qualified plan distributions are among the
most complex in the tax code, and the subject of many potential mistakes. Learn how to avoid
distribution planning traps and create liqudity that allows these clients to maintain tax deferral for the
long term.
19. The Six Steps to an Effective Referral Conversation – No CE Credit
Presented by Matt Anderson. This program will teach you how to get comfortable with asking
for referrals as well as the “Six Steps.” These six elements will help you identify if you’ve earned
the referral, how to transition to askingspecifically for what you want, and the keys to making sure
your referral is expecting your call.
20. Disability Insurance from an Attorney’s Perspective (1 CE Credit) Course # 114714
This program will provide advice for agents to assist insureds when filing a claim for disability insurance coverage and will highlight the differences of individual coverage versus group long term disability coverage.
21. Whole Life – Why vs. How (1 CE Credit) Course # 115391
Whole life insurance has proven itself to be the bedrock of a financial strategy over the long run. This program will focus on why that is true instead of how to sell it.
22. The Problem With Penguins – No CE Credit
In this presentation, Bill Bishop outlines this “penguin” problem, and explains seven branding and packaging techniques – proven effective by hundreds of his clients – that advisors can use right away to attract, meet and close more high-quality clients.
23. Disability Income Awareness Month – No CE Credit
This program is presented by NAIFA members Corey Anderson and Charlie Blomme and was produced in collaboration with the International DI Society. Knowing that producers do not sell what they do not own, this program demonstrates how to sell individual disability insurance policies by having producers in the audience practice selling DI to each other.
24. The New National Health Insurance Law – What It Means for You and Your Clients (1 CE credit) Course # 116234

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) into law. Additional changes occurred with the adoption of the reconciliation bill, H.R. 4872 on March 25, 2010. Together, this created the most far-reaching and comprehensive legislation to affect health care for U.S. citizens in decades. During this presentation, participants will learn how these new laws will affect both the consumer and the insurance advisor.
25. Leveraging LILI Tools to Improve Your Practice – No CE Credit
Use basic principles taught in the NAIFA-sponsored Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) and apply them to your practice. This interactive workshop will give you insightful take-aways that you can begin to use right away while having a chance to “sample” the LILI experience.
26. The Top Five Ethical Challenges Facing Producers Today (1 CE credit) Course # 116791
A panel discussion produced in conjunction with IMSA. Presenters include Brian K. Atchinson, Marvin H. Feldman, CLU, ChFC, RFC, Donald J. Walters, Lisa Laliberte, CLU, ChFC, CASL, Randy L. Scritchfield, CFP, LUTCF, John N. Travagline, and David F. Woods, CLU, ChFC, LUTC. The Top Five Ethical Challenges Facing Producers Today will help you evaluate your own code of ethics in the face of the greatest ethical challenges facing producers today.
27. Linked Benefits (Life Insurance or Annuities with Long Term Care Riders): Recognizing Opportunities with Combination Products (1 CE credit) Course # 117218
Thanks to tax law changes, it is now possible to withdraw funds from life insurance and annuities on a tax favored basis to pay for long term care services or to pay long term care premiums. Linked Benefits (Life Insurance or Annuities with Long Term Care Riders): Recognizing Opportunities with Combination Products shares the tax changes and introduces a variety of products to help an advisor leverage a client’s dollars.
28. The Health Insurance Agents’ Future: The Affordable Care Act (1 CE credit)
Course # 117382
This course explores the pragmatic application of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 as it relates to the professional health insurance agent’s functional history, current status and future. How agents should strategize best practices to maximize business growth and client service. Then it provides several strategies for both the agent’s insurance practices and necessary public activity to enhance the market advantages and needs of clients while better informing communities on the impact of ongoing health care reform.
29. Life Is Just a Cash Flow: The Importance of Selling Disability Insurance – No CE Credit
Presented by Mark Petersen and Ryan Petersen of Petersen International Underwriters, a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder who underwrite special risks for the disability market.Financial planning begins and ends with income planning, yet we have a nation of people who have protected all of their assets except their most valuable asset – their income. Many people financially are better prepared to die than to live. This program will explain how to use motivation, emotion and strategy to make selling disability insurance an integral part of your daily business.
30. Engage with Energy: How to Form Deep Client Relationships with Every Generation in Your Practice – No CE Credit
Presented by generational expert Anne Loehr. Studies show less than two percent of client assets are retained under an advisor’s management once the assets are passed down to the next generation. Anne Loehr explores the various reasons why advisors have difficulty retaining assets across generations and the key difference between generational groups. Anne provides tips on how to help your cross-generation client retention and aspects to consider when relating to generations other than you own.
31. Insider Secrets to the Affluent Women Niche Market – No CE Credit
In this program, presented by Annette Bau, you will discover the benefits of niche marketing towards affluent women and how to choose the best affluent women niche. This Program in a Box also covers the niche marketing process, setting goals and strategies to connect with affluent women.
32. Building Your Practice (1 CE credit pending approval)
In this program presented by team-building expert Gina Pellegrini, you will discover the importance

of building a team in your office and how to best manage them to be cohesive and successful. This

program covers proven time management techniques and strategies for relying on your team to set

appointments with the right clients and secure referrals.
33. Using Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries (1 CE credit) Course # 119304
Many clients have spent a lifetime accumulating retirement savings and want to maintain some level of control over the funds even after they have passed away. This is often accomplished through the use of an IRA trust. In this PIB, IRA distribution planning expert Jeffrey Levine will explore Using Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries attendees will gain an understanding of IRA trusts and how they work, the advantages and disadvantages associated with IRA trusts and many of the costly IRA trust mistakes made by clients that can destroy their retirement accounts.
34. Propel Your Business With Out-of-the-Box Thinking (1 CE credit ) Course # 119303
Twenty plus year NAIFA member and Top of the Table qualifier Jim Silbernagel teaches you how to Propel Your Business with Out-of-the-Box Thinking and NAIFA ClientCast. In this session, Jim covers three areas that you can implement right away to make a difference in your practice. He explores both traditional and cutting-edge tools to set yourself apart from your competition and build client relationships and sales
35. Building Your Brand – No CE Credit
In this program, brand expert Norm Trainor guide you through the process of building your brand. This PIB walks you through the steps of establishing a mindset of success, targeting the right clients and activities, engaging and attracting clients with power questions and using the power of story to communicate value to clients.
For additional information, or to order a Program in a Box, please call
NAIFA at 703-770-8100.